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Why take a risk with your technology? Our processes keep your information technology running....

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Why Clients Choose Us

1. Who can we trust?  I'd like someone to give us straight yes and no answers.  
Our core values are why our clients trust us.  ARS's values are considered old fashioned in today's society, we care about people and your company needs first, and then our needs.  We give straight answers, Yes, No, and I don't know but I'll research this and give you an answer by "               ".

2. Our Information Technology (IT) systems are slow and go down a lot, or we don't have an IT person/strategy.  What do we do? 
Our pro-active 7-step process is implemented when you hire ARS Technology.  Whether you hire us daily/weekly/monthly to support your IT environment needs, or to implement an IT project.

The ARS process is: a) Discuss the client goals, b) Assess current IT environment, c) Provide a plan that fits the client's needs and budget, d) Stabilize environment if necessary, e) Improve environment for pro-active stability, f) Document for future information resources and g) Train staff if necessary.  Once the steps are completed, this limits your company down time and increases your productivity.

3. We have 20-50 Computer Users in our environment and we do not have an IT Person?
You can outsource all of your information technology to us so you can focus on your core business.  According to your company’s technical needs, we can schedule an ARS Consultant to be there once a week, once every other week, or once a month.  As well as, we will document your environment, and be able to remote in to your location and fix 95% of technical issues even on the days we’re not scheduled on site just by calling and letting us know you’re experiencing a problem.

4. We have 50-100 Computer Users and only one IT Person, however he/she needs help occasionally (because one person cannot know everything), or this person is going on vacation for 2 weeks.  What can we do?
Call ARS to confirm the environment is documented (and we can help with this if it is not documented), then we’ll schedule the right ARS Consultant for the project(s), or we can schedule a ARS Consultant to be on-site to help your employees with their technical needs while this person is on vacation.

5. We have 100-250 Computer Users and need help with a technical strategy, and / or we have project(s) we need help with.  What do we do?
Our Sr. Level Consultants have the expertise to implement the projects/solutions they suggest.  For clients who’s Management Team(s) need help with a technical strategy at the CIO / CTO “High End”, we have Sr. Level Consultant(s) that can be scheduled to help your company design the right technical strategy and architecture, with time frames for delivery, which helps your company’s communication move effectively through departments.  This ultimately helps all your employees receive the needed information for them to do their jobs efficiently.

6. We have 250+ Computer Users and need help with a technical strategy, and / or we have project(s) we need help with.  What do we do?
Our Sr. Level Consultants expertise when implementing projects / solutions come from hands on experience.  Our Sr. Level Consultants all have worked at Fortune 500 Companies.

7. Our Technical Staff is so busy they don’t have time for additional projects?

If your staff needs help with:
a) A project or new system, and they do not have the expertise in that area yet, a Sr. Level Consultant can help them discuss business needs, implement a plan, install the plan, document, and train them so they can maintain the new system(s)
b) Freeing up their time from a full work load, a ARS Consultant can help with the busy work, maintaining computers upgrades, installing hardware and software.  This keeps your employees computers running optimally so your staff can continue to do their work efficiently.

8. Our company doesn't want to waste money hiring the wrong IT person or IT Vendor for a project.  How can you help? 
If your company is planning to hire a Desktop Support person at 45-60K a year, including vacation, medical expenses, and taxes, the cost to your company is about 65-80K.  A good Network Support person is 70-100K+. If you hire us, using our 7-step process, an ARS High Level Network Consultant who comes in once a week, would cost around 52K yearly.  When we do your projects, you pay for the time we are there, not an inflated profit factored in cost.

9. My current IT vendor trains on our time.  Tell me about your Consultants knowledge? 
ARS Consultants averages over 12 years experience in the IT field.  They are experts.

10. IT systems change quickly, are difficult; and the problems understanding new technology takes all of our time from our core business.  How can you help? 
By having ARS support your systems, this allows you to free up your time to improve your core business.  You’ll be able to feel comfortable leaving the technology to us.

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