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About Us

Our employees and consultants come from different cultures, races, and religious backgrounds. We embrace each individual’s uniqueness and enjoy working with them all. The position of our Executive Officers is to follow the example of Jesus Christ. 

What is the value of knowing this?

As a client, or as an ARS Technology Consultant, you can be assured that the moral character of our Executives will be reflected in how we serve you. We choose to serve others, the way we ourselves would like to be served.

Our Executive Officers are:

Alex Serrano, President, Lead Technology Consultant

Alex Serrano
President, Lead Technology Consultant

Alex has positioned himself as a trusted Technical Advisor to our clients.  Since 1989, he has been successful in helping and supporting Fortune 100, medium sized and small businesses with their technical needs. His gifts are loving people and he quickly grasps new technology and understands how it can help business issues.  With these gifts, he can determine which technology would best solve a company's business need.  His gifts have enabled many employees to succeed in their work, ultimately giving them a feeling of value and worth.

Lou Costabile, Vice President, Business Development Manager Lou Costabile
Vice President, Business Development Manager

Lou has positioned himself with clients as an outsourced Technical Manager responding to client needs.  He is dependable, and he enjoys serving others.  With these gifts he has been listening to technical issues from IT Leaders and the challenges they face since 1995.  After hearing the challenges, he has been successful matching and scheduling the right ARS Consultant(s) for the clients challenge in an effort which usually leads to exceeding expectations.


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